Welcome to the 2018-2022 page of Trevor Rees Photography.

This page is a snapshot from 2017 to 2022. Most images are from British diving and are highlights though this period.

Undulate ray, Kimmeridge -September 2022

Wow, what an attractive species of ray (Raja undulata) ...more

Bull huss - Helford estuary, Cornwall - August 2022

Looks like a dogfish - but much bigger" ...more

Thornback ray from the Helford estuary - June 2022

Diving with Porthkerris Divers in Cornwall ...more

Fish with parasites, Plymouth - May 2022

A poor cod - with not one, but two hangers on. ...more

Plymouth tompot - April 2022

A distinctive and charismatic blenny ...more

The impressive sturgeon - February 2022

Capernwray quarry in Lancashire ...more

Underwater Photographer of the Year - February 2022

UPY 2022, Highly Commended - spawning sea urchin ...more

Wolffish (Anarhichas lupus) - January 2022

A fish portrait to start the year ...more

Best of British - November 2021

Runner up in this Years' October BSoUP competition ...more

BIUPC - October 2021

Mankind in the Environment ...more

Yarrell's blenny - September 2021

Competition Runner-Up in BIUPC close up category ...more

Rannoch moor, Scotland - July 2021

Split level photography using micro-four thirds. ...more

Kelp and urchin from Kinlochbervie - July 2021

Boat diving on the reefs of north west Scotland ...more

Wolf-fish, on Scotland's West coast - June 2021

A surprise to see wolf-fish at Loch Carron ...more

Wast Water, Lake District - June 2021

Diving in the Lake District, Cumbria. ...more

Anemones from Pembrokeshire - May 2021

Mesacmaea mitchellii - from shore diving Martin's Haven ...more

Parasitic isopod on a rock cook - May 2021

Diving on the Mewstone at Plymouth, Devon ...more

Amphipods from Loch Carron - April 2021

Shown at BSoUP’s April meeting - 'Shallow depth of field' competition ...more

First dive after lockdown - April 2021

Motion blur panning on a Capernwray trout ...more

Black and White month, mauve stinger jellyfish - February 2021

Shown at BSoUP and BUPG photographic societies ...more

Spawning starfish - December 2020

Last shot to show for 2020 ...more

BIUPC 2020, Mankind's Impact on the Environment - September 2020

Mankind's Impact on the Environment, category winner ...more

Wolf-fish at St. Abbs, Scotland - July 2020

It's the North-East coast for wolf-fish (Anarhichas lupus). ...more

Sea hare - Loch Eriboll, Scotland - June 2020

Winning picture at BUPG's June monthly meeting ...more

NDAC, Chepstow - March 2020

Mediocre viz following recent heavy rain ...more

Pike in the weed, Stoney - March 2020

The lure of photographing these lurking predators! ...more

Underwater Photographer of the Year competition results - February 2020

Runner-Up for my Cuckoo wrasse in British macro category (UPY 2020) ...more

December 2020

My most used lens in 2020 ...more

Tompot in a spin - December 2019

Fish portrait with a difference. ...more

Front Cover, SCUBA magazine - October 2019

A flame shell (Limaris hians) from Loch Carron in Scotland makes SCUBA's front cover ...more

British Wildlife Photography Awards - September 2019

Winning mauve stinger jellyfish (Pelagia noctiluca) ...more

Cuckoo wrasse, Plymouth - August 2019

A male cuckoo wrasse (Labrus mixtus) ...more

Sharks in the Fall estuary - June 2019

Bull Huss, nursehound or greater-spotted dogfish (Scyliorhinus stellaris) ...more

Diving at Oban on Scotland's west coast - May 2019

An octopus (Eledone cirrhosis) under the kelp ...more

Easter in the Scottish lochs - April 2019

Brittlestars (Ophiothrix fragilis) at Loch Linnhe ...more

Hard hat dive - March 2019

Time to go retro at the Diver Training College, near York ...more

Underwater Photographer of the Year 2019 results - February 2019

Highly Commended for Stanegarth tug boat wreck. ...more

Pike in the weed - February 2019

Early season winter quarry diving ...more

First dive of new season - January 2019

Small sturgeon in the weed of a freshwater quarry ...more

Last dive of the year, Scuba Santas at Vobster - December 2018

The annual charity event - over 100 Santas take to the water ...more

British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA) - November 2018

Sun star and kelp scene from Scotland's West coast ...more

British & Irish Underwater Photography Championship (BIUPC) - September 2018

Close-up image of a jewel anemone wins the day - 'Champion' ...more

British & Irish Underwater Photography Championship (BIUPC) - September 2018

Diver on the wreck of the wreck of the James Egan Layne wins Wide-angle category. ...more

National marine aquarium print display, Plymouth - September 2018

20 British prints from Underwater Photographer of the year (UWP 2018) on display ...more

Diving the Helford estuary in Connwall - August 2018

Parasitic anemone (Calliactis parasitica) with hermit crabs ...more

Crawfish numbers seem to be increasing - July 2018

Crawfish -or spiny lobster (Palimurus elephas) ...more

Shooting with the Nauticam WACP, Porthkerris - June 2018

Nauticam's Wide Angle Corrector Port - Testing and Review ...more

Nudibranchs from Scotland's West coast - June 2018

Diving at Loch Carron and there are lots of the sea slug Edmundsella pedata ...more

Jewel anemones at the Eddystone - May 2018

Photographing jewel anemones at the Eddystone lighthouse reef ...more

Easter diving at Loch Carron and Sea toads - April 2018

The Sea toad (Hyas araneus) or great spider crab ...more

Mating time for toads - March 2018

The common toad (Bufo bufo) mating in early Spring ...more

Flatfish at Loch Linnhe, Oban - February 2018

A dab (Limanda limanda) from near Dunollie castle, ...more

First salt water dive of the year at Loch Leven - February 2018

The phosphorescent sea pen (Pennatula phosphorea) ...more

Cover of 'in focus' - February 2018

Little cuttle (Sepiola atlantica) ...more