Welcome to the 2014-2017 page of Trevor Rees Photography.

This page is a snapshot from 2013 to 2016. Most images are from British diving and are highlights though these years.

A Blue in the Green - British Wildlife Photography Awards - November 2017

BWPA 2017 - Animal Portraits category - Blue shark, from Penzance ...more

Gentle nuzzle - Grey seals (Halichoerus grypus) - November 2017

Outdoor Photography magazine - editors pick from BWPA entries - November 2017 ...more

Scottish lochs revisited - September 2017

Classic sea loch subjects - the Fireworks anemone ...more

Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) at Porthkerris - August 2017

Bass seen whilst shore diving at Drawana rocks ...more

Sturgeon at Capernwray - June 2017

Photographing the diamond backed sturgeon at Jackdaw quarry. ...more

Classic Scottish sea loch diving at Loch Fyne - June 2017

Langoustine (Nephrops norvegicus) at Drishaig reef ...more

Topknot (Zeugopterus punctatus), Martin's Haven - June 2017

Diving in the Skomer marine reserve in Pembrokeshire ...more

Maldives Travel Special in SCUBA magazine - June 2017

Guide to liveaboard diving in the Maldives ...more

Sunstar on maerl bed at Strome, Loch Carron, Scotland - Easter 2017

Close focus wide angle shooting technique used to show creature in its habitat. ...more

Winning print in the UK macro category (GNDS) - April 2017

A competition run by NUPG at the Great Northern Dive Show, Manchester ...more

Freshwater quarry diving again - March 2017

A somewhat lifeless dive at Cromhall quarry ...more

Grey reef shark (Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos), Maldives - November 2016

Warm water diving from a liveaboard in the Indian ocean ...more

Wreck shot for Malta Tourism office - October 2016

My wreck shot on display at the NEC Dive show. ...more

Blue sharks in Cornwall - October 2016

Photographing the blues (Prionance glauca) ...more

British & Irish Underwater Photography Championship - September 2016

Snakelocks anemone awarded Runner Up in the compact camera category ...more

British & Irish Underwater Photography Championship - September 2016

A mauve stinger (Pelagia noctiluca) is Highly Commended by the judges ...more

A sea urchin amongst brittlestars - September 2016

Highly commended in the BWPA 2016 awards ...more

Nudibranchs galore at Eyemouth - June 2016

The sea slug Cuthona (Trinchesia) caerulea ...more

Ocean Planet - Asian Diver magazine - June 2016

Budget travel feature on Scottish lochs by camper van ...more

Nudibrachs galore in Loch Carron - May 2016

Carronella pellucida against the green ...more

Spring breed comes to an end for this Toad (Bufo bufo) - April 2016

Too much stress for one female toad during spawning time. ...more

Skleleton shrimp ((Caprella linearis) - March 2016

A winning print at BUPG and Highly Commended in UPY 2016 ...more

Underwater Photographer of the Year book (UPY 2016 )- February 2016

Success in the British Waters wide angle category ...more

Underwater Photographer of the Year competition (UPY 2016) - February 2016

Eight successful images in this years awards - Tompot gets 'Runner Up' in Compacts ...more

Nurse shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum) from the Maldives - January 2016

A welcome warm water break during incessant rain and poor UK diving conditions ...more

SCUBA magazine - Red Sea travel special - January 2016

A report from the Red Sea's southern camps of Marsa Nakari and Wadi Lahami ...more

Cloak anemone on hermit crab, Loch Fyne - November 2015

The cloak anemone (Adamsia carciniopados) that lives on a hermit crab (Pagarus prideaux) ...more

Best of British underwater images - October 2015

Winning portfolio - Dahlia anemone, Long-clawed squat lobster, Compass jellyfish ...more

British & Irish Underwater Photography Championship (BIUPC)- September 2015

A shot of a candy stripe flatworm (Prostheceraenus vittatus) ...more

British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA) - September 2015

Highly commended images in the Habitat - and Animal Behaviour categories ...more

British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA) - September 2015

Highly commended images in the Coast and Marine category ...more

Common Prawn (Palaemon serrates), Loch Long - September 2015

A small prawn lands on my hand during a dive at the Twin piers site at Loch Long, Scotland. ...more

Blue lion's mane (Cyanea Lamarckii) - Eyemouth - June 2015

The blue jellyfish, a close relative of the lion's mane ...more

The Crystal sea slug, Janolus cristatus - June 2015

The nudibranch, Janolus cristatus - BSoUP monochrome competition ...more

Nudibranchs from Northern Ireland - May 2015

Janolus cristatus and Polycera faeroensis ...more

Kleifarvatn volcano lake, Iceland - May 2015

Sulphur deposits on the floor of a flooded volcano crater - 3rd place in Abstract competition ...more

Long-spined sea scorpion (Taurulus bubalis), Loch Carron - April 2015

A brightly coloured red form of the long-spined sea scorpion ...more

Print competition - Bristol Underwater Photography Group - March 2015

Shore crab (Carcinus maenas) and Long-clawed squat lobster (Munida rugosa) ...more

Amphipod (Iphimedia obesa) - Underwater Photographer of the Year competition - February 2015

Winner in the British macro category - UPY London 2015


Winner in the Compact camera category
Runner up in British wide angle category
Highly commended in British wide angle category
Commended in British macro category
Commended in the International wrecks category ...more

Common minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus) - February 2015

SCUBA magazine PHOTOQUEST column 'Shooting Fish' ...more

Perch eating crayfish - January 2015

Unusual sighting of perch (Perca fluviatilis) eating a crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes) ...more

SCUBA magazine - PHOTOQUEST - January 2015

My new monthly co-authored photography feature appears for the first time in the January edition of SCUBA ...more

Baby Pike (Esox lucius) - November 2014

Baby pike hiding in the weed - UK quarry diving ...more

Seals at the Farne islands - October 2014

Great interaction with seals at the Farne islands off the Northumberland coast. ...more

British Wildlife Photography Awards - BWPA 2014 - September 2014

Highly commended in the BWPA 2014 awards - Blue shrimp (Pericimenes sagittifer), Coast and Marine category ...more

British Wildlife Photography Awards - BWPA 2014 - September 2014

Highly commended in the BWPA 2014 awards - Jewel anemone, (Corynactis viridian), Close to Nature category ...more

British Wildlife Photography Awards - BWPA 2014 - September 2014

Highly commended in the BWPA 2014 awards - Swans (Cyngus olor), Urban Wildlife category ...more

SCUBA magazine - front cover for August edition 2014

A fireworks anemone (Pachycerianthus multiplicatus) from Loch Duich in Scotland is used for SCUBA's front cover ...more

British muck diving article - SCUBA magazine - August edition 2014

My recommendations for some top subjects in lesser well know dive sites (muck diving UK style) ...more

Nudibranch (Eubranchus farrani) - Plymouth Sound - June 2014

Eastern Kings shore dive proves a good spot for nudibranchs ...more

Skeleton shrimp (Caprella linearis) - May 2014

Skelton shrimp amongst the hydroids (Kirchenpaueria similis) ...more

Jellyfish (Cotylorhiza tuberculata) - April 2014

Mediterranean jellyfish from Malta - a multiple competition winner! ...more

British sea pens from Loch Linnhe, Scotland - March 2014

The British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSoUP) theme portfolio competition. ...more

Thornback ray (Raja clavata) from Loch Creran - February 2014

Loch Creran proves again to be a good place to see the thornback ray ...more

Sea hare (Aplysia punctata) - a winning image from Loch Eriboll - Februaray 2014

Sea hare (Aplysia punctata) - a competition winning mollusc image ...more

Long-spined sea scorpion (Taurulus bubalis) - winning print - February 2014

A long-spined sea scorpion (Taurulus bubalis) from Loch Fyne ...more