Welcome to the 2010-2013 page of Trevor Rees Photography.

This page is a snapshot from 2010 to 2013 and earlier. Most images are from British diving and are highlights though these years.

Worcester News, Scuba Santa - December 2013

A shot from the Scuba santa's event makes the front cover of Worcester News ...more

SCUBA magazine front cover for - December 2013

The December issue of SCUBA gets my shot of a silhouetted diver at the Silfra lagoon in Iceland. ...more

Runner up in the Diver/BSoUP print competition, Birmingham NEC - November 2013

Fireworks anemone (Pachycerianthus multplicatus) and long-clawed squat lobster (Munida rugosa) is awarded Runner up in this years Advanced British prints category at the NEC Dive show. ...more

Best of British competition - October 2013

Another winning set of images at The British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSoUP) ...more

Norway lobsters (Nephrops norvegicus), from Gullmarn Fjord, Lysekil, Sweden - October 2013

Image of the year, at Bristol Underwater Photography Group (BUPG). ...more

Underwater Excellence competiton - September 2013

'Underwater Excellence' competition at the British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSoUP) ...more

British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA) - September 2013

Two highly commended images in this year's awards, in the Coast and Marine category. ...more

The little cuttlefish (Sepiola atlantica), Angelsey - August 2013

A nice change to see these little creatures compared to the much larger common cuttlefish ...more

Diving a volcano lake, Kleifarvatn, Iceland - May 2013

Video from diving in Kleifarvatn volcano lake, Iceland - now on YouTube ...more

Silfra Blue lagoon, Iceland - May 2013

Probably the clearest water in the world.
Thanks to Gisli Arnar Gudmundsson who is the diver in this scene. ...more

Blue shrimp (Periclimenes sagittifer) and Sea Hare (Aplysia punctata) - February 2013

Two winning prints from the Bristol Underwater Photography Group ...more

Newts (Lissotriton vulgaris) in my garden pond - January 2013

It's earlier than ever this year as Common newts are spotted in early January in my garden pond. ...more

DIVER calendar 2013

The DIVER Calendar 2013 is out and my photo of a wolf eel and silhouetted diver is on the cover.

The calendar is available with the January issue of DIVER magazine. ...more

Open portfolio competition, BSoUP & BUPG - December 2012

My entry for both BSoUP and BUPG photo groups for their 2012 Open portfolio competitions.

1. Wreck of the Countess of Erne, Portland harbour
2. Long clawed squat lobster (Munida rugosa), Loch Striven
3. Light bulb sea squirts (Clavelina lepadiformis), Clachtol, Scotland
4. Sea squirt (Ciona intestinalis), Wemyss bay, Scotland
5. Backlit sea urchin, Loch Carron
6. Wreck of the Scylla, Plymouth ...more

Sea hare (Aplysia punctata), Wildlife Trusts award - November 2012

A sea hare (Aplysia punctata) from Loch Eriboll on Scotland's north coast.

Shown as a print at the Birmingham 2012 NEC Dive show and awarded the top award by the Wildlife Trusts. ...more

'Best of British' competition at BSoUP - October 2012

My portfolio of 3 images for the 2012 'Best of British' competition at the British Society of Underwater Photographers:

1. Shrimp (Periclemenes sagaittifer) in a snakelocks anemone from Babbacombe in Devon.
2. Mackerel shoal (Trachurus trachurus) and diver silhouette from St Abbs near Eyemouth.
3. Nudibranch (Polycera quadrilineata) on a kelp stalk from Loch Long, Scotland. ...more

Fireworks anemome (Pachycerianthus multiplicatus), Loch Duich - October 2012

A fireworks anemone (Pachycerianthus multiplicatus) from Loch Duich in Scotland.

A winning image from BUPG's 2012 'British' theme competition. ...more

'Underwater excellence' competition at BSoUP - September 2012

My winning portfolio of 3 images shown at BSoUP's 2012 'Underwater Excellence' competition. Images were taken in Sweden, Canada and Norway. ...more

Wolf-fish (Anarhicas lupus), included in BWPA 2012 book - September 2012

My image of a wolf-fish (Anarhicas lupus) from St Abbs is included in the British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA) 2012 official book. ...more

British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA 2012) Highly Commended - September 2012

My image of a fireworks anemone (Pachycerianthus multiplicatus) with a long clawed squat lobster (Munida rugosa) from Loch Goil in Scotland is awarded 'Highly Commended' and appears in the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2012 official book. ...more

Nudibranch (Polycera quadrilineata), Loch Long - July 2012

Super macro for the nudibranch (Polycera quadrilineata), taken with a Nikkor 85 VR micro + Nikon 4T dioptre at Loch Long. ...more

Common lobster (Homarus gammarus), St Abbs - July 2012

A common lobster (Homarus gammarus), from St Abbs.

Shown as an A3 print at EMUP's July 2012 meeting and voted the best print on display. ...more

Brown trout (Salmo trutta), River Etive - June 2012

Success in photographing brown trout (Salmo trutta), from the River Etive in the Scottish Highlands. ...more

Small spotted catshark(Scyliorhinus canicula), Dromen Pier, nr Loch Inchard - June 2012

The most common shark encountered by divers around Britain. Somehow, not as exciting when simply called dogfish. ...more

The Northern or Pink Prawn (Pandalus montagui), Loch Creran - May 2012

An attractive crustacean that is somewhat more common in the north of Britain. ...more

Ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylta), Cornwall - April 2012

The largest of British wrasses and somewhat heavily built too. Highly variable in colour but the red ones make the best photo subjects. ...more

Front Cover for SCUBA magazine & Scottish sea loch article - April 2012

SCUBA use one of my images for the front cover of the the April 2012 magazine.

The magazine also features an article I wrote on diving Scottish sea lochs. ...more

Swans (Cygnus olor), BSoUP Theme portfolio - March 2012

Swans (Cygnus olor), from a pond in Llandudno in North Wales which was voted 3rd place in the 2012 BSoUP Theme portfolio competition. ...more

Fireworks anemome (Pachycerianthus multiplicatus), Loch Goil - March 2012

A fireworks anemone (Pachycerianthus multiplicatus) from Loch Goil in Scotland.

A winning image from BUPG's 2012 monochrome competition. ...more

Front Cover for SCUBA magazine - March 2012

SCUBA use one of my images for the front cover of the the March 2012 magazine. ...more

Painted goby (Pomatoschistus pictus), Loch Striven - February 2012

The painted goby is a small fish about 5 cm long, and easy to confuse with other gobies. ...more

Underwater phone box, front cover for BSoUP magazine - January 2012

The classic British red telephone box from Cromhall quarry is used for the front cover of BSoUP's In Focus magazine. ...more

Remote strobe lighting, Capernwray aeroplane - December 2011

The passenger aeroplane at Capernwray quarry in Lancashire lit by five remote strobes. ...more

Countess of Erne, Portland Harbour, Dive magazine issue - December 2011

The paddle steamer 'Countess of Erne' - a ship that sank in Portland harbour after hitting the breakwater. ...more

Nudibranch (Janolus cristatus), Pembrokeshire - December 2011

Photograhing in rock pools - a sea slug on kelp at low tide in about 6 inches of water. ...more

Hodge Close, former slate quarry, Lake district - November 2011

Diving in Hodge Close, a former slate quarry near Coniston in the Lake district. ...more

Nudibranch (Fjordia lineata) wins Wildlife Trusts award - November 2011

My print of a sea slug shown at the NEC Dive show wins the top Wildlife Trusts award. ...more

'Best of British' at British Society of Underwater Photographers - October 2011

My portfolio of three images is voted the best British portfolio at BSoUP. ...more

British portfolio at Bristol Underwater Photography Group - October 2011

My portfolio of six images is voted the best British portfolio at BUPG. ...more

Grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) action at the Farne Islands - September 2011

Up close and personal with grey seals at the Farne Islands. ...more

Masked crabs (Corystes cassivelaunus), from Angelsey - July 2011

From the north coast of Angelsey, one of the strangest looking crabs in British waters ...more

Plumose anemones (Metridium senile), from Loch Long - June 2011

Lovely big plumrose anemones to be found in shallow water in Loch Long ...more

Image of the year at Bristol Underwater Photography Group - June 2011

A split level image taken late one February evening in in the Elan valley in Wales ...more

Sea loch anemone (Protanthea simplex), from Loch Leven - April 2011

Sea loch anemones - a fine example of characteristic marine life from a Scottish sea loch. ...more

Grey sea slug (Aeolidia papillosa), from the Clyde - April 2011

A surprisingly big 4 inch long grey slug from the Clyde - sometimes called the shag rug nudibranch. ...more

British anemones, Theme portfolio competition at BSoUP - March 2011

My portfolio of six British anemones is voted the best Theme portfolio at BSoUP. ...more

Tompot blennies (Parablennius gattorugine), from Plymouth - February 2011

Why settle for one tompot blenny in a shot when you can have two! ...more

Trout and diver from Jackdaw quarry, Capernwray - January 2011

A silhouetted diver and trout from Capernwray quarry in Lancashire. ...more

'Best of British' portfolio competition at BSoUP - October 2010

Three images submitted for the Best of British competition. ...more

'Underwater excellence' competition at BSoUP - September 2010

Three images submitted for the Underwater excellence competition. ...more

Diving the Scottish Highlands, article for Dive magazine - September issue 2010

My article and pictures on diving in the Scottish highlands is published. ...more

Sea loch anemone (Protanthea simplex), Loch Leven - July 2010

A sea loch anemone works well in monochrome as well as in colour. ...more

Common frog (Rana temporaria), from garden pond - July 2010

There's something very appealing about photographing amphibians. ...more

The great diving beetle (Dytiscus marginalis) - June 2010

Just the name of this beetle was enough to arouse my interest. ...more

Leopard spotted Goby (Thorogobius ephippiatus), Mevagissey - May 2010

A distinctive goby and one of the easiest gobies to indentify. ...more

Pike (Esox lucius), wins BSoUP's Focus On competion - April 2010

Pike - surely one of the highlights of British freshwater diving! ...more

Spider crab (Maia squinado), gets Wildlife Trusts award - April 2010

My print of a spider crab wins an award from the Wildlife Trusts. ...more

Yellow box fish, LIDS & Diver/BSoUP print competition - April 2010

My print of two yellow box fish fromm the Red Sea proves popular at the London dive show. ...more

Newts (Lissotriton vulgaris), back in the water and breeding - March 2010

Male and female smooth newts from my Worcestershire garden ponnd. ...more

Pike (Esox lucius), wins Focus On competition at BSoUP - February 2010

This time it's a two pike image that wins a competition. ...more

British portfolio 2009, article in Sport Diver magazine

Six of my British winning images are published in Sport Diver magazine. ...more

Spider crab (Maia sqinado), Stackpole Quay article for Dive magazine

My guide to diving at Stackpole Quay is published. ...more

Jewel anemomes & Ballan wrasse for Porthkerris diving feature in Dive magazine

Marine life pictures from diving at Porthkerris in Cornwall is published. ...more

British portfolio 2008, article in Sport Diver magazine

Six of my winning British shots are published in Sport Diver magazine. ...more

Grey Seal pup and Martin's Haven shore diving article for Dive magazine

My guide to diving Martin's Haven in Permbrokeshire is published. ...more

Front cover for BSoUP's In Focus magazine, spring 2009 issue

A sunstar against kelp from Loch Carron is used for the cover of In Focus magazine ...more

West Country Cottages - front cover for the 2009 brochure

West Country Cottages uses one of my award winning images for their front cover. ...more

Cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) from Babbacobe beach, Devon

A row of cuttlefish published in Dive magazine. ...more