British & Irish Underwater Photography Championship, Results - September 2017

The championship winning shot
I'm very pleased to have picked up another award:- Champion of the British & Irish Underwater Photography Championship (BIUPC) 2017.

My photo of a jewel anemone with background sunburst was judged the winning shot in the Close-up category and was also voted the best overall image in the competition. The event is an on the day shoot-out where photographers are free to dive anywhere in the UK and then submit their photos to be judged. The rules restrict competitors to a 24 hour time frame in which to both take and submit their photos, with only limited post processing allowed.

The image is an in-camera double exposure. I have used a macro lens for the jewel anemone from a morning dive and a fisheye lens for the sunburst from an afternoon dive. I was diving at Plymouth with Worcester BSAC dive club, on the wreck of the Scyla and a reef at the Mewstone.

Olympus Pen EPL7, Olympus housing, Panasonic 45mm macro and Olympus 8mm fisheye lenses.

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