British & Irish Underwater Photography Championship (BIUPC) - September 2018

Diver on the wreck of the wreck of the James Egan Layne wins Wide-angle category.
On Saturday September 1st 2018, I entered the the British Society of Underwater Photographers annual Splash-in competition. I teamed up with other photographers from Worcester dive club. Shown here is my winning entry in the Wide-angle category.

This is a shot taken of a diver on the popular wreck of the James Egan Layne near Plymouth, The diver is in fact myself. I have set my camera up on a tripod to take a selfie. I used my cameras intervalometer to take a series of 20 shots at 8 second intervals. In this shot I was satisfied with where I appeared swimming in to the frame and the way I've used my torch to good effect.

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Nikon D850, Sigma 15mm, dual Inon S2000 strobes