British & Irish Underwater Photography Championship (BIUPC) - September 2018

Close-up image of a jewel anemone wins the day - 'Champion'
On September 1st 2018, the British Society of Underwater Photographers held its annual Splash-in competition.

Shown here is my winning entry in the Close-up category. It is a shot of a jewel anemone on the wreck of the Scylla, near Plymouth. This year's judges were Paul Colley, Damiem McGuirk and Susannah H. Snowdon-Smith. My entry was the overall favourite amongst the judges. The little amphipod in the centre of the anemone might have clinched it ! For this shot I was flattered to be awarded the Peter Scones trophy as overall Champion.

The British & Irish Underwater Photography Championship (BIUPC) is an on-the-day shoot out event where competitors have just 24 hours to take their photos. Images can be taken from anywhere in the UK. There are different categories and photos must be uploaded to the organisers by a specified deadline on the day of the event.

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Nikon D850, Nikkor 105mm with SMC1 close up lens, single Sea & Sea YS110 strobe