Flatfish at Loch Linnhe, Oban - February 2018

A dab (Limanda limanda) from near Dunollie castle,
The dab (Limanda limanda)

I took this photo of a small common dab whilst shore diving in Loch Linnhe by Dunollie caste at Oban.

It is an unassuming little flatfish found on a sandy sea bed. The dab looks a little bit like a plaice but without any orange spots. As with all flatfish they start life as a normal shaped fish. They then morph to a flat shape with the left eye normally moving to the right side. They are referred to as a one of the right eyed flatfish, similar to plaice and flounder. It took me a number of shots to get both eyes facing forward for an engaging fish portrait.

Nikon D850, Nikkor 60mm, Sea & Sea YS110 flashgun